Senturion I

A mechanically attached, water-drainage Class PB EIFS incorporating an air / water-resistive barrier.

Senturion I

​Water-managed design
​Drains incidental moisture to the exterior
​Unlimited colors, textures and architectural details
​Support design freedom, create details that would be impossible or cost prohibitive with other claddings
Exterior insulation​​Reduces energy costs
100% acrylic, reinforced base coats
Produce a weather-resistant barrier; provide crack resistance
​100% acrylic finish coats
​Resist fading and abrasion; options available for added dirt/mildew resistance


Senturion I is used for exterior walls in new and retrofit light commercial and residential wood frame construction. It is used when a water-managed EIFS is desired or required, and where high wind-load capacity is not a design consideration. 

Senturion I Wall System is a Water-Drainage Class PB EIFS that includes a secondary air/water-resistive barrier to protect the sheathing. The system offers design flexibility, aesthetic appeal and energy savings.